Our advices to better sell


When you decide to sell your property, it must be in good condition and must give the desire to be visited.

Your ad will have more impact and will attract the interest of prospective buyers.


Checklist before each visit:

  • tidy up your living rooms, (living room, kitchen, bedrooms, bathroom)
  • your property should be perfect, (inside and outside)
  • to purify to the maximum, (the purchaser must feel already at home and not at yours home)
  • your ads with beautiful !! pics !!, (essential to create the urge to click on your ad)
  • leave the property furnished, (gives the buyer the imagination to place his own)
  • if important works are to be expected, make them or keep the quotes for the negotiation of the selling price.


For any questions about financing/credit, send us an email.

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