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Who am I?

Ben Forrest, 38 years old, married with 2 wonderful little ones.

My hobbies are Cars, Sport. Boating, Travelling, Watches and Real Estate!

My Professional Carreer:

My career in Real Estate started in 2006.

I spent 12 years working as a real estate specialst which allowed me to analyse and study the market of the different major Belgian cities.  From my experience in dealing with my clients I could see common pitfalls many people make whilst investing in a property.  I helped direct my clients to make the correct decision guaranteeing them the best return on investment in the fastest possible way.

My knowledge and my savoir-faire have been built up within the most successful companies in not only the real estate sector such as Trevi Group and Victoir Properties but also from some of the leading Belgian developers such as Thomas & Piron.

Nowadays I wish to share my expertise and my knowledge of the Belgian Market to find for you the best investment in Belgium.

My recommendations come not only from my personnal experience in real estate but also from my close relationship with all service providors related to the real estate market.  My contacts with solicitors, aray of architects, bankers and financiers are all at your disposal. Without dismissing my contacts with Belgian developpers, building companies and Real Estate Specialists.

Immo 9 is open for you and it’s wide range of professional contacts.

Profile of my clients:

My client base principally consists of shrewd investors already active in the  Belgian new build market.

They are not only Belgians and Expats living in Belgium, but also Expats living in different countries such as England, France, Luxembourg, Spain, Singapore, United Arab Emirates, Canada and the United States.

My knowledge to the service of Expats:

<<Customer satisfaction and optimal return on investment are my key goals>>

I pledge to be a reliable person that you can count on at any time. Do not hesitate to contact me for your property investment ideas in Belgium, current or future.

I am available for a first contact or advice by mail, phone or via Whatsapp. We will be able to discuss further both your needs and investment goals.

Hope to meet you.

Ben Forrest

Founder Immo9Belgium

Tel: +32 476 920 366
IPI: 513892

For any questions about financing/credit, send us an email.

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